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About How To Upholster

We are Richard and Betty Hanson. We have operated an upholstery shop for more than 35 years in the same location.  During that time we have taught the do-it-yourself upholstery classes at the local Junior College adult continuing education program for 4 years. 

The upholstery class was one of the most popular classes that the Junior College offered at that time.  We had 4 and sometimes 5 classes a week.  After 4 years it became so time consuming that we didn’t have time to teach the upholstery classes and run our upholstery business.

But teaching upholstery didn’t stop there.  We have continued to get calls throughout the years from people wanting to buy supplies and asking for advice on completing their reupholstery projects.

We have always answered their questions.  You may think that this is not a very smart business practice because we would be taking business  away from ourselves. 

However, we have found that by helping these people, they recommended us to their families and friends.  And because of this we have had to turn down business. Because there is only so much work a two-person shop can do.

We mainly do residential and commercial furniture.  We have done and continue to do jobs for restaurants, hospitals. offices, courtrooms, jury rooms, and interior designers.

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Contact Information

Richard and Betty Hanson
dba Hanson Upholstery
615 Rome Ave
Rockford IL 61107


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