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Issue No. 10 - Attaching Trim with Hot Melt Glue



We recently received a question about applying gimp and double welt using a hot melt glue gun. Although we have covered this subject in a previous Newsletter, we will go over it again. 

Whenever you have show wood on a piece of furniture, you will need to apply trim (gimp or double welt) to cover visible staples or tacks and raw edges of the fabric.

Years ago gimp was applied with gimp tacks. Gimp tacks are small tacks with tiny heads.  When they are tacked into the gimp, their tiny heads are buried in the gimp.

Today, gimp or double welt is attached with hot melt glue. You will be attaching the trim, where needed, over the raw edges of trimmed fabric and the staples that are holding the fabric to the show wood frame.

To apply hot melt glue to the area where trim is needed: Put down a narrow bead of glue for approximately 3", press the gimp or double welt in place before the glue hardens.  Repeat this process until you have finished. At the beginning and ending of the trim your applying, either butt the double welt together or turn the gimp edges under.  This will conceal the raw edges of the ends of the trim.

If your beads of glue are too large, they can bleed through the gimp or ooze out the sides of the gimp or double welt.

If you have not used a hot melt glue gun before, it might be a good idea to practice on scraps of fabric. You will be able to judge the amount of glue to apply without it bleeding through or oozing out the sides.

Click Here to see a picture of applying gimp with a hot melt glue gun. 

Another question: Is hot melt glue a good glue to use and will it last?  Yes, it is a good glue and it will last.

Another question:  What kind of glue sticks and where to buy them?  We buy our glue sticks at either a craft store or a hardware store. And we use clear glue sticks. We prefer to use a smaller glue gun rather than a large one.  We find that we have better control as the glue comes out of the nozzle.

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