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Building Sawhorses

Some do-it-yourselfers work on their upholstery projects while the furniture is setting on the floor.  If you are one of these people, we have a tip for you.

You can easily and inexpensively build a set of sawhorses, as a platform to set your upholstery project on.

Supplies Needed
2 sets of sawhorse brackets
Three 8 ft.  2x4's
One 8 ft.  1x3
Two 8 ft.  1x2's

When we built our sawhorses using these brackets, we cut:
2 pieces of 2x4  36 inches long for top of sawhorses
8 pieces of 2x4  20 inches long for the legs
2 pieces of 1x3  36 inches long to put on top of sawhorses
4 pieces of 1x2  36 inches long to be placed on the sides of the 1x3's

brackets used to build a sawhorse

Above is a picture of a set of sawhorse brackets.  Those from different manufacturers may look a little different, but they all work the same.

Assembled Sawhorse

This picture shows how the sawhorse has been assembled.



This picture is another view of what a finished sawhorse looks like.

Assembled Sawhorse

This picture shows how the 1x3 top is fastened to the horizontal 2x4 between the brackets, and how the 1x2's are fastened to the sides of the 1x3.  The 1x2's will help to prevent your work from slipping off the top of the sawhorse.  We put the 1x2's and 1x3's in place with screws.

Platform for Sawhorses

Then, we cut a ½” or 5/8” piece of plywood 3 ft by 3 ft to lay on top of the sawhorses.  Some pieces are easier to work on this flat platform rather than setting directly on the sawhorses.

This set of sawhorses is about 24’ high, which is an ideal working height for us.  But you can adjust the lengths of the pieces of lumber to suit your individual needs.  The sawhorses can be used for chairs and sofas.

You can use the  sawhorses when working on your upholstery projects.  And then you will probably find many other uses for them.


An example of a chair setting on sawhorses.  This puts the chair at eye level which makes it much easier to work on.

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  1. Andre Herera

    Awesome article sharing about saw horses building. Last few days I am looking this kind of saw horses article post. I want to make saw horses for my study. But I am not starting to make this saw. But now am clear all about saw horses. I am easy to make this saw. Thanks for your valuable saw horses article.


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