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Considering Whether to Reupholster Furniture

You are considering whether to reupholster furniture. This usually is a long term investment. Whatever your decision, it should be the one that is best for you and you will be happy with for some time to come.

Reasons to Reupholster

Over the years customers have mentioned to us some of their reasons for reupholstering their existing furniture. Maybe one or more of these reasons might be helpful to you as you are making your decision.

  1. Example of a good hardwood chair frame
    Example of a good hardwood chair frame

    It is a favorite chair, sofa, ottoman or other piece of furniture.

  2. It has sentimental value, don't want to part with it.

  3. Its cover is faded or worn and just needs some attention.

  4. It is comfortable. Several people have said that if they can't sleep, for one reason or another, they just go lay on their sofa or in their chair. And just like magic, they can rest and sleep.

  5. It has a good heavy frame. It is still sturdy and with no wobbles or creaks, even after years of use.

  6. Originally, it was custom built or purchased for a specific place in the room.

  7. It is an antique with an interesting history. And they plan to eventually give it to a special person. Over the years a couple of our customers have told us about receiving telephone calls periodically from museums. The museums wanted to obtain these antiques for their collections because of their history.

  8. Many times over the years a customer would have a piece of furniture reupholstered before giving it to a child, grandchild or friend.

Customer Visualizes Customized Piece

A customer may picture what their piece of furniture will look like with a few changes and in a fabric picked out specifically for it.
hourglass_stoolSome of the changes they maybe visualizing could be changing the style of cushion. If it had a skirt, maybe they considered reupholstering it without a skirt. On the other hand, sometimes a customer may want to add a skirt if it did not already have one.

With these changes, a decision to reupholster would result in a customized piece of furniture.

Conclusion of Reasons

These are just a few of the reasons we have heard about over the years. Undoubtedly, there many more reasons.

How To Upholster Furniture can be a helpful resource if you have never reupolstered furniture before. Even if you do know how to reupholster furniture, this book will offer some valuable tips you probably never thought of.

6 thoughts on “Considering Whether to Reupholster Furniture

  1. Cindy Tesler

    You said, "Old furniture was built better"-- this is so true! I also agree that when a piece of furniture is just worn out, you can easily reupholster it. I think that another benefit would be that you can keep the same furniture and get a different look to it whenever you want!

  2. Rich Hanson

    The fabric is only the cosmetic layer. Even just changing the fabric will give it a new look. Sometimes, there are so modifications that can be made that change it completely.

  3. Ridley Fitzgerald

    It's great to learn about upholstery. The chair in our basement has been in our home for years, and it still feels great. However, it looks terrible. It's sturdy, but we definitely need to take it in to get a fresh look!

  4. Ashley Maxwell

    Thanks for your comment about how you can reupholster furniture if you love it and want to keep it for a long time. I like how you said that if you have something with sentimental value or that is just plain comfortable, you may want to have it updated. Thanks for our tips; since I don't have the skills or tools to reupholster myself, I am considering a professional to do it for a really comfortable ottoman we have.


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