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Cutting Foam With A Foam Cutter

Since foam is used in most upholstery projects, you will probably be cutting foam with a foam cutter of some type. Here are a few options for you.

Foam Cut to Size

If you only need a few pieces, you may decide to contact a local upholstery shop, mattress shop or fabric shop. Many will cut foam to size for a nominal fee.

An Electric Knife

An easy way for you to do it yourself is to use an electric knife (often referred to as an electric carving knife). You may already have one on hand. They are inexpensive to purchase from a local store, garage or estate sale.  Amazon has a good selection of electric knives.

Electric Carving Knife
Electric Carving Knife

This picture demonstrates cutting foam with our electric carving knife. In fact we used it for several years until we acquired a used foam cutter at an estate sale.

Example of cutting foam with a electric knife
Example of cutting foam with a electric knife

Cutting Foam With A Foam Cutter

A foam cutter is a great tool but it is a substantial investment.

Thicker foams are used in upholstery cushions and other projects than a few decades ago. And sometimes it is much easier to cut this thicker foam with an electric foam cutter with its longer blades and roller guide on the bottom.

There are several brands available. This Bosch foam cutter is the one we purchased about 25 years ago after our used one quit working.  Even though the Bosch foam cutter is a bit pricey, it is well built, does an excellent job  and will last for years.

Bosch Foam Cutter
Bosch foam cutter

Here we are demonstrating cutting foam with our Bosch foam cutter.

Bosch foam cutter
Using the Bosch foam cutter


We thought this information could be helpful when you are working on your reupholstering projects.

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2 thoughts on “Cutting Foam With A Foam Cutter

  1. Darlene Frederick

    I cut a piece of foam with an electric carving knife. Or at least I tried to. It cut two sides (opposite each other) perfectly. It would not cut the other two sides at all. Couldn't get the teeth to grip into the foam and if it did "catch," the foam shredded.

    The knife is brand new and since it worked great on two sides, I wonder if foam has a "weave" or something that prevents it working on all sides. This is upholstery foam.

    1. Rich Hanson

      Darlene, Maybe your knife blades overheated in cutting that much foam at one. Usually, if you spray some silicone (available at home centers, hardware stores and fabric centers) on the blades, they will slide the foam easier. Sometimes, a very soft foam does not cut as easily as a medium or firm foam. Hope this helps you.


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