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Decorative Nails

Different types of decorative nails
Decorative nails

This picture represents a few of the shapes, sizes, and finishes of decorative nails that are available.

As you can see, the diameter of the round head can vary from very small to large. Also, you may see other star and square shapes.

The most commonly used decorative nails are round with a smooth natural or nickel finish and the hammered head. Other finishes are pewter, bronz, brass and variations in different types of antique nail. These can be found on Amazon.

The shank lengths can vary, too. A longer shank may be needed when applying them to thicker fabric trim

Incorrect Way to Drive a Decorative Nail

Incorrect Way to Drive Decorative Nail
Incorrect Way to Drive a Decorative Nail

  When driving the decorative nail into the wood, if your hammer strikes the head at an angle, even a slight angle, it will often bend the shank. The shank is made of a very soft metal. The head of the hammer shown in the picture is made for driving decorative nails. It has a nylon head on it. These can also be found on Amazon.

Correct Way to Drive a Decorative Nail

Correct Way to Drive Decorative Nail
Correct Way to Drive a Decorative Nail

This picture shows the correct way you should strike the decorative nail. The hammer head should come straight down on the head of the nail. This way there is less chance of bending it

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  1. Jasper Whiteside

    It is good to see that there are tools to help install these delicate nails. It is often a good practice to order more nails than you would need for a certain job because they are delicate. This method of decoration is a great idea for big projects like upholstering a chair, or just working on a strap.


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