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Dog Eared Cushion

The cushion illustrated in the first picture shows what a dog eared cushion looks like. The corners of the cushion is where the name dog eared comes from. When you cut two square pieces, sew them together and then stuff the cushion, this is what occurs.
Some people like the dog eared look on a cushion, but others don't. In the following picture we will show how to make a cushion without dog ears.


To eliminate the dog ears, cut out wedges as shown in the following picture. Cut the wedges on all four corners on both sides of the cushion.

This cushion will have a finished size of 18" x 18". So the wedges were cut 3/4" by 3 1/2". The size of the wedges will have to be adjusted according to the size of the cushion.
Where to make cuts to eliminate dog ears
This picture shows a finished cushion with no dog ears.

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