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How to Use Pli-Grip

To watch video, click here

Upholsterers may use Pli-Grip to attach materials to the Outside arms, backs, wings of furniture frames. Sometimes Pli-Grip is referred to by other names such as Curve Ease or Flexible Trim.

ply-grip metal stripAs you can see from this picture, it is a flexible metal strip with prongs or teeth which will grab and hold fabric when it is pushed onto the prongs.

When handling it, you should be careful not to scrape your fingers on these sharp teeth.

This flexible strip comes in a roll. it is cut to the desired length with tin snips. Some people cut it with scissors, but we don't recommend that because it might damage your scissors.

It is great for curves and straight edges. After you become familiar with using it, it is fairly easy to use. It is easier and faster than blindstitching.

Since it is difficult to explain in words how to apply Pli-Grip, we have put together a video that shows how to use it.

To watch the video, click here

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