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Discover How To Upholster Furniture, Save Money And Transform Your Well-Loved, Faded Chair Into Better Than New Condition.

Step-by-step instructions, most steps illustrated in pictures, give you the basic techniques needed to learn how to upholster furniture.

Learn how to make cuts

Is your favorite chair looking worn and you can’t find a new one to replace it? You are wondering what you can do to restore it to like-new condition? Or, maybe you just want to change the color? 

We have the solution for you. You will discover how to reupholster a chair. By doing it yourself, you will save money and have the satisfaction of knowing it’s a creation of your own hands.

Learn How to Reupholster from a professional

We have had an upholstery shop for more than 35 years, doing mainly residential and commercial upholstery work. We have reupholstered many types of furniture, sometimes restyling them. We also taught people how to reupholster furniture in the local junior college adult continuing education do-it-yourself reupholstering classes.

 Our customer base includes long-time repeat customers, new referrals, hospitals, courtrooms, designers, restaurants, doctors, new furniture stores.

Why Wait? Start Now to Learn How to Upholster

When we taught the upholstery course, we found that most people did a good job reupholstering furniture when we showed them the upholstery techniques that could make their DIY reupholstering projects easier.

Many people come into our shop to buy supplies for their DIY upholstering projects.  At the same time they usually ask for upholstery instructions on:

  • How to upholster a slipseat

  • What type of padding to use

  • How to make cuts in fabric

  • How to repair the frame

  • How to put buttons on

  • How to blindstitch

  • How to put webbing on the frame

  • What is the best way to remove staples

  • How much fabric do I need

We have answered these questions and many more when people have come into our shop asking for help.

Start Learning Now


Now, you can get the answers to these questions

It occurred to us since people were coming to us for advice on how to upholster that there must be many others who need this same information. 

We wrote “How to Upholster Furniture” to make this same information available to others who are looking for upholstery instructions.

What "How to Upholster Furniture" Can do for You

These are just a few of the many benefits you will find in “How to Upholster Furniture”.

  • Save you money because you will be reupholstering your furniture and not paying someone else labor.

  • Step-by-step instructions take the guesswork out measuring for fabric and what padding to use.

  • You will be shown how to make proper cuts which will eliminate wrinkles and gaps in your finished project.

  • The many photographs in your book will help you understand the instructions more easily.

  • You will have the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

  • Step-by-step instructions will show you the correct sequence to disassemble and reassemble your chair.

  • You can start your project as soon as receive your ebook. (our order processing is not automated. When we receive notification of your order, we will email you instructions to download the ebook within a few hours. But at times , it may take up to 12 hours.)

"How to Upholster Furniture" covers the basics of reupholstery. Basic upholstery techniques are used in all types of furniture, no matter what style. After learning these techniques, you will be able to adapt them to reupholstering many different styles of furniture.

How to Upholster Furniture” does not cover advanced upholstering techniques.  If you are just beginning to learn reupholstery, you should find this book valuable.

If you have already done some upholstery projects, you may find something new in this book that you can add to your arsenal of skills.  Or you may learn a new or different way of doing something.

In “How to Upholster Furniture” you will get step-by-step instructions with many pictures illustrating these instructions.

For $27 you get “How to Upholster Furniture”.   And with the purchase of this ebook, you will receive two Bonuses and you can email us your questions  about your upholstery project; and we will do our best to help you solve your problem.


1.  “Recognizing Quality Upholstered Furnitue

This information will help you to more easily recognize the quality of furniture; whether you are buying a new piece or a used piece to reupholster.

2.  "How to Install Buttons" Video

Buttons on back of chair

Many people have problems installing buttons.  This video makes it easy to understand by seeing the process.  

Six Month Guarantee

We realize in your busy schedule that you may not be able to work on your piece of furniture every evening or every weekend; and therefore, it might take you some time to complete it.  That is why we are offering a six-month guarantee.

We are confident that using the upholstery techniques in “How to Upholster Furniture” will be so beneficial to you that you will never want to return it.

If you are not satisfied with this book, within six months you can return it, with no questions asked, for a full refund. But you keep  the bonuses.

In “How to Upholster Furniture” pictures illustrate step-by-step upholstery instructions.

Buy Now and get a Free Video
 Reupholster furniture

Upon receipt of the notification of your purchase, we will send you instructions to download your ebook and bonuses within a few hours, but occasionally it may be 12 hours or longer.


Best Regards,
Betty and Richard Hanson
P.S.:  “How to Upholster Furniture” will give you step-by-step instructions to reupholster furniture and save you money.  The instructions are accompanied by many pictures.
Plus, if you have any questions about your reupholstery project, you can email us for help.

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