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Story of Bad Reupholstery Job

Sometime ago we got a frantic call from a customer. An acquaintance of hers had assured her that she could reupholster her dining room chairs in time for an upcoming party.

When the chairs were returned to her, they had been reupholstered very poorly (see top image). She was frantic to get them corrected for her party that was scheduled in a few days.

Apparently, this person did not have enough time to do them right. Or, maybe they didn't know the basics of reupholstery.  
Bad to GoodWe rescued these chairs for the customer in time for her party. She was a very happy customer.

To do so, we had to carefully remove the fabric, so we could reuse it. We replaced the padding and re-attached the fabric. (See bottom image)

This type of chair seat is also known as a slip seat. It is a very good project when learning the basics of upholstery. We explain how it is done in our ebook with both text and pictures.

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