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Upholstered Furniture Gallery

The pictures in this gallery are images of jobs we have completed over the years that we have been in business. Most are of chairs and sofas. however, there have been some unsual jobs. Whatever the end result, they were all customized for each customer.

Sometimes designers would appear with pictures. Then they would ask, "Can you finish this piece of furniture to look like this?"

Among the unsual jobs or challenges were for a local museum. One time we were asked to design and make a cover for the projector in their planetarium. Another time, we made the covers for the foam bricks that formed an arch for the children's play area that resembled the St.Louis Arch. All very interesting pieces.

A few years ago one of our customers brought us some pictures out of a magazine of a king-size headboard. She asked us to design and build a similar headboard using the floral fabric she provided. It was beautiful when it was completed.

We will be showing different pictures as time goes by. There have been so many interesting and unusal pieces. Some were family keepsakes. Others, just favorite pieces that fit in their space or were their favorites. Each piece was special to their owner.

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